My work falls into three categories.

These categories naturally overlap, and all focus on the same two experiences: bringing people outside to nature and bringing nature inside to people. By charging a fair price to those who can afford it, I am able to join with others in offering pro bono programs to the many underfunded schools and seniors homes in our Vancouver community.



Corporate Collaborations


For values-driven corporations, integrating nature-based solutions is the newest frontier.

As a workplace naturalist, I work with one or two corporate clients at a time, exploring with them how connections with nature can revitalize work spaces, teams, and ideas.

I am not interested in simple cosmetics or superficial one-offs. Rather, I engage with companies who are serious about aligning more deeply with their values and who are truly invested in building the vitality and creativity of their staff and workplace. Together, we can get a lot done. 

e.g., mini desktop plant paradises, growing herb gardens and micro greens, indoor plants for healthy air, corporate-community nature collaborations, team building in green spaces and wild places 


Friends & Families


Plants make us happier.

I bring nature to people's lives—by providing horticultural therapy for individuals and families, working in homes and personal gardens, hosting neighbourhood workshops, and sharing goods as a maker and grower. Private services are provided on a sliding scale. 

e.g., in-home therapeutic horticulture, plant potlucks, indoor/outdoor family growing projects, gardening workshops, maker/grower community collaborations


Community Programs


Community organizations and institutions can use nature to enrich their work with clients and community members.

I have worked with hundreds of community members over the past decade, from growing food with kindergarten classes outside, to bringing nature inside to seniors in residential care. In all this work, I have witnessed the most disparate populations experience the same core benefits: by coming together to connect with nature we thrive and the community thrives.  

e.g., nature-based school programs, therapeutic garden programs for adults/seniors


Some previous collaborators and affiliations

Vancity  |  Vancouver School Board |  MEC